HiPath Expressions Voicemail User Guide

The downloadable PDF on this page provides all the instructions for using and updating voicemail on the Siemens Hipath Expressions Compact V3 (HiPath 3000).

Programming keys on a Optipoint handset

With the handset on-hook dial *91 on the keypad. Now press the feature key you wish to programme. The display will how ‘Change feature?’. press the tick key to confirm that you wish to programme ‘Repdial key’. Type in the number or extension that you wish to assign to the feature key. Now press the […]

Set up a conference call

Please follow these simple steps to set up a conference call on Siemens Business Phones: Dial the number of the first conference member. After they’ve answered press the tick key to place them on hold. Now enter the number of the second conference member. After the second conference member has answered press the tick key […]

Call divert/forward on a Optipoint handset

Please follow these simple steps to set up a call divert/call forward on a Optipoint handset: With the handset on-hook press either one of the arrow keys located towards the bottom of the handset’s keypad. This will open up the main handset options list. Scroll through to find ‘Call Forwarding?’. Now select this option using […]

Personal voicemail greeting

4Com Business Telephone expert Craig Williams explains how to record your own personal voicemail greeting on the Siemens business telephone handset. Craig takes you through the voicemail greeting process step-by-step, including how to delete the default greeting, before creating his own voicemail. Please subscribe to our channel to keep up to date with our entire […]

Change time and date settings

4Com Business Telephone expert Craig Williams explains how to change time and date settings on the Siemens business phone handset. Craig takes you all the way through the change process, from accessing the time and date settings to returning to the normal display.

Transferring calls

4Com business telephone expert Craig Williams demonstrates how to use the “call transfer” feature on the Siemens handset. Craig explains that you can transfer any call either internally or externally, before demonstrating how to transfer the call internally. Please subscribe to keep up to date with all of our “How To” videos and all of […]

Using the hold feature on a Siemens phone

4Com Business Handset expert Craig Williams provides a walk-through of using the Hold Feature on the Siemens handset. Craig also explains that Siemens have recently undergone a re-brand and will now be referred to as Unify. Craig demonstrates the versatility of the Hold function on the Siemens handset, noting that it provides the option of […]