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Network Status

From time to time there may be a loss or interruption to your service, however before you think that this might happen regularly, we would like to highlight that these incidents are few and far between. In most cases these are beyond our control and have either been a fault of a supplier or a wider problem on a national basis.

At 4Com we always like to be transparent and keep our customers informed about the issues that have arisen. We will tell you what steps are being taken to rectify the problem and what has been done to make sure it doesn’t happen again. For a majority of issues, we are pleased to say that they are rectified within the hour with full service being resumed quickly.

To keep you informed we have now have introduced a Network Status indicator that will highlight the current status of the telecoms provision provided by 4Com. This will be shown by using a traffic light system which can be found at the top of the home screen; this page goes into more specific detail:

GREEN Good status with no reported problems
AMBER Moderate status with isolated reports of problems
RED Poor status with widespread, nationwide problems

Should the service go into Amber or Red below you will see more detailed information relating to the issue and what areas of the country have been affected.