How To Set Up Silent Monitoring

Please follow these simple instructions to set up the barge feature in your Samsung Business Phone System:

  1. 1.  To set up the barge feature code for your phone system you’ll need to logon to your Samsung DM Tool.
  2. 2.  Click on the DM Tool and login using the username and password given by the Technician upon installation.
  3. 3.  The first you will need to establish is which extension you would like to be the barge phone.  The extension will be shown in the top left of the screen on the phone.
  4. 4.  Click on Group &Table which is option 4.  Then select class of service option which is 4.7 and then 4.7.1 Port Class.
  5. 5.  You will be presented with a table and on the left hand side will be the extension numbers.  Select the extension number you wish to do the barges and change the field to 2.
  6. 6.  Press Save in the bottom left.  This allows you to set up rules for individual handsets without interrupting the other handsets on the system.
  7. 7.  The second option is your Class of Service Contents – You will notice at the top you have COS 01, COS 02, all the way through to COS 99. COS 01 is your standard class of service.  COS 02 is your second and pre-programmed class of service.  We need to look COS 02.  You will see lots of options down the left hand side and we need to focus on the security and override options.  Set both options to Yes.  In COS 01 we need to turn the same options to No and press Save.
  8. 8.  The last option is to go into the Tenants option which is in the Features section (5).  Select option 5.13 System Features, and then 5.13.1 Tenant Options.
  9. 9.  Within this section will be a table with 3 value fields, we are interested in the bottom one – Barge in Type.  In here you can choose whether the handset user will know if someone is listening to the call or alternatively you can choose for the handset user not to know.  Press Save once you’ve made your selection.
  10. 10.  Now the barge feature has been set up in the system we now need to programme the keys on the desired extension.
  11. 11.  Go to option 4 Group & Table and then 4.9 Key Programming, followed by 4.9.2 Station Key.
  12. 12.  You will be presented with a table.  In the drop down box select the extension you wish to do the barging.  Press Save.
  13. 13.  In the empty field 4 use the drop down box to select BARGE, then press Save.
  14. 14.  We now need to test the barge facility has been set up correctly.  Using the handsets call the extension you wish to barge.  You will notice it will ring as busy, press your barge key and this will allow you to barge in and listen to the call.  To clear, simply put your handset down.

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