Problem with my mobile

Nuisance calls or texts

Nuisance calls Don’t say your name or number when you answer the call. Just say ‘hello’ Don’t leave your name or contact number on your voicemail Let callers identify themselves first If someone asks you to confirm your number, ask them to say what number they want and then tell them whether they’re right or […]

Fault with your mobile

If you think your mobile phone is faulty, please try these checks first, before reporting it to us. Check your network signal It could be that there is a temporary issue with the signal in your area. As we use Vodafone’s network, go to Vodafone’s status checker for the most up-to-date information of the signal where you are. Check […]

Lost or Stolen Device

If the unfortunate happens and your device has been lost or stolen, please call the Mobile Team immediately on 0333 014 3005. We’ll block your SIM and your device’s IMEI (serial number) to prevent others from using it – so you won’t be liable to pay any charges. Unfortunately as a business customer, you’ll be billed for any […]

Repair Service

Unfortunately from time to time accidents do happen and our Repair Service is here to fix any device issues you have.  If your mobile was supplied by 4Com our team are on hand to make sure your device is repaired to its original quality. Please complete the form below to log your problem.