User guide for PC users

The downloadable PDF on this page provides all the instructions to use the full features of the 4sight software for PC users.

Guide for Mac users

The downloadable PDF on this page provides all the instructions to use the full features of the Mac 4sight client

Using the address book

The Address book provides an easy way to create and share contacts with colleagues. Users can search for existing contacts or create new ones easily while on the telephone. The Address book is extended to include CRM contacts when integration is used. The video shows the Address book being used.

Receiving calls

4Sight CTI can be used to tell you who is calling before you answer the phone. This can prove beneficial in many ways. When you are busy working on a project it can allow you to be selective about which calls to answer. Also, it can allow you to greet the caller in a more […]

Transferring calls

4Sight CTI provides an easy method to blind transfer calls. Through the presence window it allows users to see the availability of their colleagues and make intelligent decisions when transferring calls. Users can perform an immediate transfer to quickly distribute calls. Or they can easily use 4Sight to consult with colleagues and switch between calls. […]

Using the live presence display

The Presence window allows users to see the availability of their colleagues. It can be configured to show a list of all the extensions or all of the users or a mixture of both. The window also allows a user to provide more information about their own availability to help other users. The video shows […]

View call history

Watch this video to explain how to view your call history using 4Sight CTI.

Internet dialling

4Sight CTI supports two separate ways of dialling from web pages. Web pages can be scanned for valid telephone numbers and, when found, they are turned into hyperlinks to make dialling easy. Also, 4Sight can be configured to provide dialling directly from many web-based CRM packages. The video shows web-based dialling in action. Note: Hyperlink […]

Chat messaging feature

4Sight CTI makes it easy to send messages to your colleagues. It’s even possible to have multiple chats with one conversation per window, or to include multiple users and or extensions in the same conversation. Messages can be sent from both the Presence window and the New Messages window. Messages are threaded, meaning previous messages […]

Making a call from 4Sight CTI

Making calls from your computer is straightforward with 4Sight. It will increase your productivity by saving you time and reducing the number of misdialled numbers. The video demonstrates some of the common methods for dialling out from applications.

Installation guide

1. Login with your user name and password, if you don’t have login details you can register and you’ll get an email with your password. 2. Go to home page and you’ll see Download Software section. 3. Download 4Sight Software. 4. Unzip folder and do click on 4sightInstall-2.5-37.16320.exe 5. Click Run option and Install. 6. […]